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Whale Watching Panama is the only dedicated Whale Watching Tour company in all of Panama with expert Biologist guides.  We have a  99% success rate in the Pearl islands with Humpback whales and 90% success rate with dolphins. Whale Watching Panama pioneered Whale Watching Tours in the country of Panama.

Our Professional, friendly guides will help you to Connect, Communicate and Interpret the Behavior of the Whales and Dolphins you will encounter on your Whale Watching or Dolphin tour.

Did you know that Panama is one of the only places in the world blessed with Humpback whale migrations from both the Southern and Northern hemispheres?  During the Southern hemisphere Humpback whale migration, July-October each year, we have several thousand humpbacks who come to Panama to breed and give birth, giving us a 99% chance of spending time with them in the Pearl islands.*                                                               Photo by Felipe Ribeiro 
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Are you ready for the Trip of a Lifetime?

Come and meet the Whales & Dolphins of Panama. They are extending a personal invitation to you all.  They would like to help you relax, take time for yourself to play and enjoy life.
                                                                                                                                                                   Photo by Don Winner 
Contact us If you are interested in Experiencing the once-in-a-lifteime thrill of seeing Whales and  Dolphins in the wild.    ______________________________________________________________________________________________ 
      Enjoy this video of a great day last season on one of our day tours in the Pearl islands, Panama.            This could be you!

Dolphin Swim Tours from Panama city and the Pearl islands. Snorkel with dolphins and also coral reefs in the Pearl islands. 

1 Day Tours -Whale Watching from Panama city to the Isla Taboga area, or from Panama city to the Pearl islands, or 1 day tours from Isla Contadora in the Pearl islands. 

2-4 Day Custom Trips - Spend 2-4 days in the Pearl islands with the whales and dolphins either staying in a cozy B & B on Isla Contadora and head out each day to observe the whales, or sleep on board a 44' catamaran sailboat to explore the Pearl islands further.

 Retreats- Completely immerse yourself with an intimate Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreat experience in the Pearl islands, Panama.  Many of these trips have a Spiritual theme, such as  Yoga, Meditation, Exploring the Spiritual Aspects of the Cetaceans, Animal Communication, Shamanic Journeys, Journaling, etc.


Come and meet the Whales & Dolphins of Panama. Contact us to book your whale watching tour.                                 

*(Of course, with any natural wildlife observation there is no way to guarantee sightings.  However, we do guarantee we will do our best to find the whales & dolphins for you.)                                                     


We adhere to the international guidelines for responsible whale watching.  However, sometimes the whales have not read the rule books!  It is very important to us to respect the whales and dolphins and let them decide if they want to come closer to us or not.

Whale Watching Panama is proud to have been invited by UK’s Planet Whale to be one of 12 Whale and Dolphin Watching businesses across the world who have joined forces to work together to highlight new ways in which the industry can become more responsible and sustainable than ever before! 


We highly recommend our Planet Whale Partner Whale & Dolphin Watch operators.  If you are looking to do whale watching in other parts of the world, go with the best of the best.  See a complete list of them on the Planet Whale Website or on our Friends page.

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